A downloadable game for Windows

Game Development Final Project

Made by P.O.M

Brief Synopsis

A little kid named “Kyou” was trick-or-treating on a halloween night.

Suddenly, a weird couple went behind Kyou and kidnapped him.

The weird couple locked Kyou inside a cursed mansion.

Unlocking the doors was the only way to get out of the mansion and every door has a specific numbers of keys you have to collect to unlock it.

Kyou will encounter different creatures, the couple and solve puzzles to be able to escape the mansion.



  1. Coding- the doors to make sure you need a specific number to go to another level.
  2. Level design-the level 1,2,3,4 and the boss stage
  3. Key assets and other assets
  4. Loading screens
  5. Coded platforms


  1. Coding - enemies Ai codes and also coded enemies to give damage or get damaged
  2. Loading screens
  3. Sewer lighting
  4. Climbing animation
  5. Enemy asset like the spider and others.


  1. Coding - Sound cue’s , trigger boxes, pause menu
  2. Assets - main character, and enemies
  3. Retargeting animation - retargeting my assets to the third person view in unreal animation
  4. Running sound of the character
  5. Level design the lobby

Special thanks to

Luis Ramos for rigging and helping up to re-target assets to have animations.

Install instructions

Hope you like it!

It is our first game so we would be glad to read any feedback or suggestions  : )


UnlockingGame.zip 154 MB


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I'd say it was okay, it was your first game so it's understandable. Few things I'd suggest is maybe working on some textures, and maybe make sure most of the music on the game has a loop so it doesn't just all of a sudden stop. The models weren't to bad they just seemed a little unfinished. I'm sure you'll learn the more you create though, keep on creating. Haha, and remember to enjoy what you're making as well.

I had many questions about the game as I was playing it xD